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Twitter Power CPD


Twitter Power CPD

Twitter, Tweets, Tweeting. As my wife moans ” aaargh you’re a tweeting geek!”, what she doesn’t realise is the vast enormity of this unbelievable CPD tool. I started Twitter only last May and I can honestly say in the wise words of @davestacey it has “rebooted my teaching”. It really has. Here’s a reflection how and what I’ve learned and developed so far.

The power of twitter as a CPD tool for me is great. @stand_out_in_pe recently shared a comfort, stretch, panic curve idea.


He used it to try and stretch the students out of their comfort zone and enhance learning. In a discussion with a colleague, this can also be applied to us as teachers. We used the use of PowerPoint as an example in A Level lessons. I’m not knocking the use of PowerPoint don’t get me wrong, it has a place but I’ve been highly guilty in the past as have many others of death by PowerPoint. Why? Because of the comfort factor and I would say that I would have been the ‘sage on the stage’ many a time. Since I’ve been “rebooted” I’ve not even had to go near a PowerPoint. Thanks Twitter.
My love of teaching and learning has gone through the roof, I endeavour to strive to teach engaging lessons, visible learning and provide quality feedback and I feel that I can now give valuable support and richly develop my colleagues as Head of PE.

So what I have I learned in such a short space of time.

The Flipped Classroom

Some people like it, some people don’t. I came across this concept through @pauldavidmac. I must admit, I did try to use other videos off YouTube first but the learning was affected considerably and after more research, I used my own screencast app (Explain Anything) to which I really enjoy using as it allows deeper learning within the classroom and obviously stretches the students learning and understanding.


This leads me on to SOLO Taxonomy. I first came across this through the innovative @davidfawcett27 and on deeper reading came @totallywired77 who has been described as the guru of SOLO. SOLO in conjunction with other strategies like the flipped classroom for example has taken my teaching to another level because of the way it maps out the learning pathway. We use it in both A Level and GCSE and the learning is so visible that the time and effort it took to learn and develop the concept and the language was certainly worth it.

I could go on all night about what I’ve learned and from who but there has been other ways Twitter has been influential.


For example, there has been a fascinating debate on Twitter. PE teachers can use the social media as a forum. This week was a discussion surrounding the use of responsibility in learning. #pechat. Another way of collaborating and sharing innovative ideas. The popularity of “chats” is increasing. There is an interesting #SLTchat by @teachertoolkit and @bennettscience has started #flipclass both of which is an opportunity to share outstanding practice.


Another way my teaching / leadership has improved through twitter is the recommendations of various books. I’ve never read so many! But I’ve enjoyed reading them. Two teachers who have guided me in the right direction are @davidfawcett27 and @bebbPEteach. Without these tweachers, I would not have known about the power of critique ( Ron Berger) and the significance of 0.4 in measuring learning influences (John Hattie).


I do enjoy using technology and since I have started using my iPad, Twitter has guided me to using specific PE Apps. For me, the main person is @mrrobbo. His blog is detailed with apps and websites which can specifically be used in the classroom and out in the field.

Following Blogs

There are some outstanding blogs and websites which are both highly informative and reflective. When I was searching for a Gifted and Talented resource, I came across @leading_in_PE. Simon Scarborough is hugely influential in the way he has adopted and developed the Accelerating Learning programme in PE. His blog is detailed, honest and informative and is extremely open in helping me develop a similar sort of programme. I do find writing this blog helpful in reflecting the practices that I have used. It does actually make you more reflective in the class and this can only be a good thing for the students.

And it’s not just teachers, there are PhD educationalists who are using social media to support and develop current pedagogy. @vgoodyear has been extremely helpful in administering feedback to some of the cooperative learning structures I have been exploring.

My final praise for twitter is the learning network I have developed. There are an abundance of innovative, open, professional tweachers who are selfless, sharing and forward thinking in their profession. I certainly feel welcomed and completely energised by the fact that I can now communicate with such people.

Since starting Twitter, I have:
– started Edmodo
– Using Augmented Reality in lessons
– Use Evernote
– Developed flipped classroom
– Read books,
– Enhanced the use of critique
– Use IPad/apps in lessons
– Screencast lessons
– Use SOLO taxonomy
– Develop cooperative learning
– Discovered more Apps
– Watched Teachmeet seminars
– Learned about current teaching standards/issues
– Read some more books
– Write my own blog
– Developed my teaching
– Enhanced students learning and school experience
– Use Twitter as a revision tool
– Met many dedicated and like minded professionals

Through Twitter, there are other people who could easily be mentioned but is obviously impossible to mention everyone. If you’re reading this, I hope it has inspired you to set up an account and explore this amazing world of tweachers.